Personal Mission Statement

Who I am is Passion, Energy, the possibility of Love, Generosity, and Freedom for the world! This is who I am…
I love God with all of my heart, mind, and strength. I pray often, expressing my appreciation and love for all I have. Most of all, I exhibit my love by my life and by my untiring effort to simply surrender and serve God in whatever capacity I am called.

I love my neighbor as myself. I recognize and accept the fact that all men are equal in the sight of God. I never do anything in any way to harm or destroy the self-worth of another human being. As far as I am able, I aid all people in their needs, I do not criticize anyone’s beliefs. I honor the individual and his right to exist, think, feel and believe the way he chooses.

I am humble. I recognize that everything I have, am, and ever will have or be is a gift. Humility is not weakness, merely a recognition of what is so.
I am committed to being an outstanding husband, father, friend, and mentor. I will take sufficient meaningful time with my wife Kristen, friends, and clients to help them with all their needs. I will love my wife with care, respect, and kindness. I build strong unity. I will build self-esteem in my wife, friends, and clients and help them to create mastery.

I foster intellectual growth. I read regularly each day from the best books and articles and audio training… one can not teach from an empty well.
I am honest in all things, with myself first. To be honest with my fellow man, I must first trust my intuition and be in integrity with all decisions and actions.
As a result of my battle with my career as a Major League Baseball Player and how my Identity was attached to that, I’ve committed to maintaining a strong and healthy body. I eat, sleep and exercise in such a manner as to maintain a high level of energy. I take nothing into my body that will in any way detract from my ability to perform at my peak consistently. I eliminate negative energy. My health is a gift, blessing, and miracle.

I value my time. A natural by-product of “flow” is an increase in the value of my time. Managing time is nothing more than gaining control of the events in my life. Inner peace can come only when I manage what I do according to my governing values and purpose.
I have a period of solitude. During this period, I meditate and pray to sharpen the saw, teach my family, read, develop my plan for the day. This experience is the beginning of peace for each day.

I enhance lives through inspiration and empowerment. Working together, my clients will be motivated to design and create the lives they truly want and love. Once internalized, our tribe will govern themselves in a manner that will bring greater love, inner peace, and joy.

-Shea Hillenbrand

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